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IMPORTANT NOTE BECAUSE THIS WIKI HAS VERY LITTLE RULES AND THE SANDBOX NATURE, SOME THINGS MIGHT BE INAPPROPRIATE FOR THE LITTLE ONES.YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED==Beautiful introduction== A wiki is a helpful tool when used in the right hands. Wikis like the Gravity Falls Wiki, Battle For Dream Island Wiki and even the Trollpasta Wiki are some of the most clever, useful and funny wikis I have ever had the pleasure of editing. Unfortunately, not all wikis are as brilliantly executed as these 3. Those wikis are usually bad fan fiction wikis written by 5 year olds. But you already know that if you have at least a decent knowledge of Wikia. Another thing you would know is the quality of the CC chat. Imagine a wiki so horrible that it tops those 2 things in horrible-ness. A wiki so god awful that a staff member might delete it for being a blemish of a otherwise useful site. Imagine a wiki run by GardevoirSenpai. This is that wiki.

What in the world is this wiki for?Edit

I'm glad you asked! This wiki is for......This wiki is for...Me. It's a sandbox wiki used for things that might be called "vandalism" in my other wikis. It's sort of like my rec-room in a way. I hope that helped because I'm not explaining this again.

How can I help?Edit

Another great question. This wiki does not need help. A wiki that needs help is a wiki that could be helpful. This wiki is not helpful. This wiki will never BE helpful. This wiki can NOT be helpful. If you want to EDIT something, make sure I am not the creator of that page.My pages are for me and me can however, make your OWN pages, if that would "help".

Rules (yes there are rules here)Edit

  • 1-Do not edit my pages unless there are grammatical mistakes or if you get my permission
  • 2-Anyone that is a admin automatically has permission
  • 3-Don't violate TOU
  • 4-Have fun
  • 5-Don't break the rules (obvious rule is obvious)

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Nope! ^_^

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